Enhanced upper mounts - Steel exterior/ big needle-shaped turning bearing, against impact and deformation, long longevity, one year warranty. (Note: Rubber is consumable product and not in the warranty coverage)


Spring -The large-diameter conical spring uses high-tensile-strength silicon-chromium alloy steel with good durability.


Spring - Large caliber ultra-thick diameter cylindrical tapered spring, super-elastic coefficient of chrome molybdenum alloy steel, long longevity.


Damper -

Damping oil: advanced lipid-based damping oil, which will not change along with temperature changes and excessive density.

Oil seal and O ring : wear-resistant and leak proof.

Pistons : high performance combined with comfort.


Damping tube: using super-density alloy steel, sealing performance is 100%, good elasticity and not easy to be deformed.


Shaft: Nano-level grinding and ultra-fine lubrication coefficient, effectively reducing friction resistance.


Valves: Special flow valve design, 24-stage damping force adjustment.


Stroke: special travel & stroke for special car, special spring and special damping force design, tailor-made design and manufacture.

AGT Shock Suspension 350Z Inverted Monotube Coilovers